Paul Joseph Watson: “Why You’re Still a Loser”

Infowars‘ reporter Paul Joseph Watson give the cold, hard truth about New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps he says it better than even Your Obedient Servant.

Cheers, Old Sport!  Here’s to making winners in 2016!

Your Obt. Svnt.,

Ichabod Ω


Obama to “Impose” Gun Control Through Unconstitutional Executive Orders





Amerika’s dictator, Barack Obama, is again usurping his constitutional authority; this time, he’s going after the Second Amendment.  According to an article from the Washington Post, these unconstitutional executive orders are to be handed down to the American people as soon as next week.  Since the details of the orders are a “secret,” the American people, including Congress, can only wait to see what tyrannies the new “laws” will impose.  However, the new regulations will seek to expand background checks and requirements for firearms dealers.  According to Politico:

Obama will tighten the definition of what it means to be “engaged in the business” of firearms sales. Currently, the law says people who sell guns with the “principal objective of livelihood and profit” have to get a dealer’s license through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — and therefore conduct a background check on buyers no matter where they sell, including online or at a gun show.

Read more:

None of these proposed regulations would have stopped any of the mass shootings that have struck fear into the hearts of the sheepish American population.  Obama knows that.  Nevertheless, the tyrant and his henchmen, in collusion with communist elites like Michael Bloomberg, are busy at work in their attempts to exert greater control over the citizenry.  The Washington Post writes:

The White House review has been conducted in relative secrecy, soliciting input from gun safety groups without specifying which policies the administration might ultimately adopt. In the past month, Obama has met with former representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was gravely injured in a 2011 mass shooting, and her husband, Mark Kelly, and with former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, which Bloomberg helped start.

Gun control will not prevent any mass shooting.  The goal of Obama and his cronies is clear: the eventual complete disarmament of the American  people.  With measures like these, 2016 is already off to a totalitarian start.

Your Obedient Servant,

Ichabod Ω

New Year’s Resolutions: Stop Lying to Yourself


It is hard to believe that the sun has set on 2015 and that 2016 is dawning.  By looking at social media, paying attention to what loved ones say over dinner, or what strangers say at the gym, it seems that 2015 will end with a familiar custom: the New Year’s resolution.  I hate New Year’s resolutions, and I do not make them.

New Year’s resolutions are, more often than not, promises to oneself; they are vows to change.  Perhaps one wants to lose weight, get in shape, and quit smoking.  One may also vow to achieve better organizational skills, travel to new places, or find a better job.  On another level, people often make resolutions having to do with others.  For example, one man may want to treat his wife better; another may decide he needs to spend less time in his doltish “man cave” and teach his son to shoot.  All of these desires have tremendous merit. The problem isn’t that people can’t change; the problem is procrastination that leads to a true lack of resolve.

images.pngChange is a good thing, but as the old cliche goes, “talk is cheap.”  Being truly resolved to achieve something is expensive.  While some things, like quitting smoking or losing weight aren’t necessarily monetarily expensive, they will consume more of your time, and it may be mentally and physically taxing.  In our society, people want immediate results.  The obese woman wants to immediately (and effortlessly) lose weight; the man who smokes three packs of cigarettes per day wants to cease nicotine without the struggle of withdrawal; the dolt wants to teach his son to shoot his rifle, but he cannot bring himself to miss watching a baseball game.  People want change to happen immediately but are not willing to act with haste.  They make New Year’s resolutions as a way to procrastinate.

If you are resolved to lose weight, start immediately.

If you are resolved to quit smoking, start quitting immediately.

If you resolved to treat your spouse (or any other person) better, start immediately.

If you are resolved to achieve better organizational skills, start immediately.

If you are resolved to do anything else, stop putting it off until tomorrow!

I don’t give this advice because I am a perfect man.  I far from being perfect, but I’m not going to lie to myself and others.  If I am resolute in my desire to do something, I will immediately act.  The rest is just talk.

May your 2016 be filled with peace, prosperity, and liberty.

Your Obedient Servant,

Ichabod Ω

George Winston’s “December”

As I sit back on a chilly December’s eve, I am able to reflect on many Ghosts of Christmases past.  As I pack a little more seasonally spiced tobacco into my pipe, I am able to acquire a deep sense of relaxation by turning to one of my favorite musical albums.  While other albums can be appropriately heard throughout the year, this particular masterpiece is only played from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  That album is none other than George Winston‘s December.   This incredible collection of 12 holiday piano solos was released in 1982 and serves as a tribute to the winter season.

Here is the album, track-by-track, with a little commentary by Your Obedient Servant:

This life proves there is much for which to be thankful.  After enjoying the bird, mashed potatoes, Mother’s corn-broccoli casserole, and a large slice of pumpkin pie, it is time for a brisk walk before retiring to the easy chair with a nightcap and an evening pipe.  Thanksgiving proves that listening to this album in November is quite appropriate.  The season is upon us.

This beautiful track reminds us of all Christmases past, whether in our lifetimes or in those of the Three Wise Men.  Our ancestors enjoy the tune from the heavens, celebrating the birth of our Precious Lord Jesus Christ.

These tracks remind me of the things that lead to the Christmas holiday: the church choirs, the family gatherings, the parties, shopping, and the exchanging of gifts.

This is certainly one of my favorite tracks on the entire album.  Winston’s arrangement of this classic Christmas tune is simply fantastic.  It reminds me of Christmas Eve’s twilight hours. The family gatherings have ended; the presents are finally wrapped and are neatly tucked under the tree;  the smell of pine lingers in the air; a pleasant fatigue develops.

The video above features the album’s three “Night” tracks.  The aforementioned fatigue has now matured into slumber.  Anticipation of Christmas morning dances in our heads.  The snow begins to fall, while everyone dreams of a white Christmas.  If we were children, St. Nicholas would soon be landing.

George Winston’s arrangement Johann Pachelbel‘s classic tune reminds me of being a child on Christmas morning, excitedly rousing my borthers from sleep.  The contents our stockings were unwrapped, followed by a giant breakfast of chocolate-chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon.


“The Holly and the Ivy” ranks amongst the most famous of all Christmas tunes, and Winston’s rendition deserves accolades. For me, this piece represents the very heart of Christmas Day.  As children, we played with our toys, while Mother prepared the evening feast.

The Christmas feast is enjoyed.  The wine is drank; toasts are made.  There are scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.

The eggnog and brandy has been the greatest of nightcaps.  The children are tucked into bed.  Mother and Father are finally able to relax.  Santa Claus and his sleigh have returned to their North Pole home.  These days, it is time for one last Christmas pipe.  While I reminisce on prior Christmases, I am able to relish in the new memories created throughout the day.


May this beautiful album bring you joy this Christmas season.

Please consider purchasing a copy: Amazon  iTunes 

Your Obt. Svnt.,

Ichabod Ω


Disarmed UK Citizens!

In 1996, British citizens lost all basic rights to self-defense; it was that year when their government effectively banned all handguns.  This ban was ostensibly passed to quell fears caused by the Dunblane School Massacre.  In reality, these draconian gun laws have only strengthened governmental control over the UK citizenry.  Measures such as these have been attempted by government systems in the United States, but have failed.  In the United States, we still enjoy our natural right to self-defense.  Our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom, many of whom begged their lords and masters to disarm them, do not.

Disarmed citizens are not safer citizens.  Not only are they at the mercy of any criminal (who is undeterred by gun laws), but also their tyrannical leftist government.  This is what disarmed citizens look like in the face of a violent attack:


Run.  Hide.  Tell the police!  What if one cannot?  Cower in fear.  Beg.  Be a victim.  Let the attacker kill you.  These are your only options if you are disarmed.


Your Obt. Svnt.,

Ichabod Ω

Thought of the Day: Made in China

 As a green thumb numismatist, Your Obedient Servant looks at and inspects nearly coin that enters his pocket (and quite a few ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ containers).  I found the penny pictured above today.  It looked like a typical new penny, but it had one shining difference: its previous carrier had affixed a ‘Made in China” sticker over Lincon’s head.  To most, it is still one little penny.  To Your Obedient Servant, it was a symbol of a broken, sold-out, US economy.  That penny was made in America.

It’s nothing new.  Everything in America is made in China.  My shirt, my hat, my iPhone, my Gadsden Flag, and the computer on which I am writing this blog are all manufactured in this communist nation.  Depending on the source, China’s closed economy may be the largest in the world–surpassing the United States in 2014.  With the Yuan’s sluggish performance in 2015, the World Bank stated that it would not replace the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  Nevertheless, America’s economy is faltering because of our reliance on other nations to produce our goods.

The penny in my pocket was made in the United States; it is a rare breed!

Your Obt. Svnt.,

Ichabod Ω 

Dead Starbucks Polar Bears

Last month, Starbucks, the most powerful coffee chain in the world, angered millions when the decided that the 2015 holiday cup would be solid red.  Now they’ve really done it.  Just look at the picture posted below:


It’s a polar bear with a red scarf, right?  Well, not according to multitudes of Starbucks faithful.  To them, it is a depiction of a polar bear having had its neck slashed.  Oh no!  The polar bear is bleeding to death!  Clearly, and I am mean clearly, Starbucks did not intend to “offend” anyone.  They just wanted to show a bear with a red scarf around its neck.  It’s a holiday thing. It comes as no surprise that a society that worships zombies would also see blood running down the neck of Christmas polar bear before it saw a red scarf.  I have one thing to say to those who have gotten excited about this issue:


You have too much time on your hands.  Carpe Diem!


Your Obt. Svnt.;


Ichabod Ω